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You asked me:Your life or me?I say, my life,You walk away crying,Not knowing,You are my life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Love poems ring
Love songs sing
And all I thought of was you
You said you thought of me too
You said I was the one
You said you would never hurt me
Well you did
Everyday of my life you hurt me
You hurt me like blades across my skin
You said you loved so I would never leave
You raised my trust with reassurance
You lied
You cheated
And I’m the one who hurts
Everyday of my life you hurt me
You hurt me like blades across my skin
My heart is cheated
My trust is lost
And I cry
I show no emotion to others
I’m strong
But inside I’m weak
All because of you
I can’t leave you behind
Your words trick me so bad
I’m whipped, I’m all yours
I’m scared to hurt you
You blame me
It's not my fault
It's yours
Your pity hurts me
And makes me apologize for your shit
Did I cheat on you?
Because I know how to love
If you knew how to love me,
You would be mine.


uReiHa LaT said...

babe, nape emo ni? :'(

Anonymous said...

~yeah kurangkan kontroversi truskan bibik2 percintaan..sepuluh jari d susun rpat2 tanda kemaafan..~asa~

Anonymous said...

~Love Is Great ... Welcome! Value the Love you have!Life is worth living, there is love in pretty much everyones life if you pay attention. And don't forget to let those you love know that you love them ... and let them know often!~ love u nfws~

Nuyul Aimi said...

lat : mst arr aku emo....aku emo sgt2...erm...sedey nie... :(

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